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I left him for a few hours now he won’t leave my shoulder…

35/365 by Camillalexandra on Flickr.

NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet, 
The phonetic alphabet was developed as a way to spell things out over radio communications that may be less then ideal, I.E. a lot of static or weak signal. All the words were chosen because they have a distinct sound that is easy to pick out. Military and police communications use the phonetic alphabet heavily and can be helpful to know for talking over CB’s or FRS (walky talky) radios.
I usually draw portraits of the celebrities many consider to be ‘legends’ . Although no one can deny a celebrity their contribution to music or film, are they really ‘Legends’ or is that a word used far too loosely in todays society ? This weekend (sunday 15th december 2013) a true legend will be laid to rest ! A voice for millions, a catalyst for change. A true inspiration to many in his fight to stop racial prejudice. He is considered a hero throughout the world. His courage and wisdom was second to none, and his legacy of peace and reconciliation will undoubtedly live on. Nelson Mandela a true legend (18/07/1918 - 05/12/2013). #nelson #mandela #legend #drawing #portrait #rip #inspiration
Rihanna - coloured pencil